About Milden Mfg. Co.

Luxury is the most exceptional quality on your terms, an ultimate expression of yourself made tangible. We believe that real luxury is in the nuances of experience. It is not expense, excess, or frivolity; instead, it's a feeling of comfort and closeness, made available exclusively to you.

We make the finest boots and shoes for rugged everyday use. Utility without sacrificing comfort or durability. And above all, to create beautifully crafted products for men who desire that maximum level of quality in footwear that is both pragmatic and expressive. These thoughts drove us as we articulate the basis for our collection of shoes.

Milden Mfg. Co. constructs footwear using this time-honored method which requires a high level of skill and detailed handwork. Considered the gold standard of shoemaking, in Goodyear construction, a strip of firm leather called the welt, is used to stitch the shoe's upper to the insole, which is then stitched to the outsole, not glued. In between insole and outsole is a filling of natural cork. The natural cork filling provides ideal support and exceptional comfort, molding to the wearer's foot over time. But the most significant benefit of a Goodyear welt construction is the ability to re-sole; these are shoes that, if properly cared for, can last a lifetime.
During our years in the footwear industry, we've realized that the manufacturing of footwear is a dirty business. Two-thirds of the carbon impact from a single pair of cement-constructed shoes comes from the manufacturing process, not the raw materials. A significant amount of energy is needed, and too much waste created. From manufacturing to disposal, a typical pair of shoes generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions With 20 billion pairs of shoes produced annually; the world does not need another pair of shoes.

Goodyear welted boots are a leaner and cleaner business. The Goodyear welted process has fewer steps and requires less energy. The best part about Goodyear welted shoes is that they can be re-crafted and resoled, so you can take them apart and put them back together again. A cared for, a good pair of boots can easily last 15–20 years, which reduces their carbon footprint to almost neutral.

We should all invest in durable long lasting products. Goodyear welted boots are more expensive, but they last longer. They represent what we should surround ourselves with — quality.

We all need more quality and less stuff.

Our goal is to manufacture exceptional Goodyear welted footwear for adventurous individuals who desire the utmost level of quality in a rugged pragmatic style. While at the same time promoting the positive effects of welted footwear manufacturing in the world.

Scott Milden
Founder, Milden Mfg. Co.